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5 August 2009

onCe uPon a tImE

> Updated on 10.09.11

Hey Folks :)

This is Tanuja, hailing from Bhubaneswar 'The Temple City' of India.  ^_^

**Welcome to My Photography Blog**

I have been into Photography since 2007, but started taking it truly from 2008. Gradually I gave time in understanding the technicalities as well as people, movement, nature and everything around me to be framed. I moved on from various cameras; from Kodak Film camera to Nokia mobile to Sony Digital camera to now Canon SX10 IS.

I feel Photography comes naturally to me, as I realised that even when I don’t carry a camera I keep making frames to whatever I see. I mentally crop images, appreciate colors, edit and enjoy it in a way :)

I click photos and present it in the way I feel for it. The mood is created and the reality shown.

But I do believe that, sometimes it’s important to feel the situation and enjoy moments with Naked eye than through a lens. :)

I created this blog share my PhotOgraphY among my friends and people who enjoy photography. It feels good when people like my photography genuinely and express it. Also critique comments are most welcome as they help me improve and grow. You need not be a photographer to view and analyze it. Any expressive words for it are very much welcomed. ^_^

Love All :)


TJ  \m/