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17 December 2011

A radio interview :)

Hey I had an interview on radio as a Photographer on Big 92.7 FM today :)
Thanx to RJ Rajiv who was cool enuf to call me :)

It all started with a fren request in Facebook reminding me that we were friends in Orkut (another Social Networking Service). I remembered him as a RJ long time back and then he asked if I would like to talk on Radio on photography. I was like 'What me!'  'Are you Kidding' 'I'm shit scarred'  :P But then we finally fixed a time to have the interview.

Saturday around 3.30.

There I was in time with Udayan which meant another photographer to be interviewed. I actually thought him to be interviewed next time, but then we made it together :D

After a little chit chat with the RJ, and some sense nonsense talks, we were into the recording studio from where he was heard by the masses. We were given microphones over our faces and then very casually asked questions. He was sounding low and me high...and hearing my voice back, I hated it but laughed at it too :P

Were interviewed like how we started on Photography, what we liked to photograph, what we have for enthusiastic photographers and some more about it.  :)
We even repeated some of our lines that went gibberish :D we were still scared :P But it was all fun too.

RJ Rajiv was cool for our mistakes too :P that made things easy. But seriously voicing for radio even when people don't see you isn't a easy task. take my words. :/
Hats off to people who made it in the Radio world.

Our interview was over, quickly edited and was about to be played live. We didn't really know whom to ask in our friends circle to hear us so we had a friendly chat with RJ Ranjiv, made a goodbye and came down to listen to ourselves.

we switched to the channel, waited to hear us. We knew we have messed it and now didn't wanted to hear out of embarrassment. Still with excitement and forgiving us as it was our first time on Radio we listened to ourselves. Not bad I would say :)

Thankyou  Rajiv, your one amazing person. Overall it was a nice experience :)

10 November 2011

An Exhibition :/


Opening of the 'The speaking frames' a photography exhibition by 16 budding photographers (including Me). After much difference I was finally in it and today was the 1st day of the 5 day exhibition.

I had a very nice experience  receiving appreciation from unknown people on my photographic work. People coming to talk, stopping by your work and appreciating is such a great feeling.
I always used to think that I am least visible in a crowd and that people do not remember my name or face in usual.
But I was wrong !

A girl with her friend met me telling me that they remember me from Orkut days in a community called 'Bhubaneswar Naturalist'. I was like..'really'. She said she remembers me through the conversations and all and was waiting in the exhibition to talk to me. It was really pleasing to me. :)
That was very sweet of them to come across me and appreciate my work. :)  I was super glad they remember me from a virtual group that too after 2-3 years. ^_^

Then were many more people, students, professionals, common viewers who liked my work and as a whole were very happy about the exhibition. :)  The crowd was huge and the anticipation was amazingly seen. Everybody there looked happy, from the participants to the spectators.

Looking forward for more :)


There comes an end to the exhibition. Some disappointments, differences with other folks, some great friends and loads to learn. :) It taught me various dimensions a person, a viewer can think about a photograph and how the photographer deals with his/her perspective of the photo. Sometimes it just seems so complex. I understood that, folks were most interested for human emotions and less for bugs and butterflies. Colors and Black & White equally attracted them but too much of continuous B&W portrayal bored them.

I got terribly sick in between and also missed a great deal of the exhibition because of office hours. Still whatever time I spend with the people it was full of learnings. :) Met many seniors members of the field and they have as always been a great source of inspiration. At the end day, I got to know that two of my photos have been on probable sale. I was very happy, as earlier I though I was a waste :P
Again with the sale dealings, things for fussy for nothing and finally direct deals helped me :)
P.S I hate somebody binding me into some rules and regulations for nothing :P

A good exhibition !!!

17 October 2011

What is it for me!

What makes a good photograph?

A good costly camera? an efficient high-range lense? Lights? Perspective? Timing?
Most would agree on almost all of them :)
Anyways who decides on what is a good photograph, as we say there is no Good or Bad in art. Its all what the viewer individually like and get expressed. It's all individual perception.

All these time I have been holding my camera and clicking all those few good shots and 100 bad shots, what I have self-learned and practice now is the power to Observe.

Wikipedia describes it as 'Observation is either an activity of a living being, such as a human, consisting of receiving knowledge of the outside world through the senses, or the recording of data using scientific instruments. The term may also refer to any data collected during this activity. An observation can also be the way you look at things or when you look at something.'

And what I mean outta it, is the observance of the subject matter around you or in front of your which you feel like making it a part of you by taking a photograph. I believe observing the subject be it working man, running train, flying bird, static mountain or simply an empty bottle; it is important you observe its movement, colors, the behavior, the feel of it, the air, the anticipation and then move on thinking if it's calling you to click it. :) This along with other technicalities will help gain control over you and your camera handling.

Even studying all those butterflies and birds interest me as well as weaving my own story with people :)

It doesn't necessarily have to be an extraordinary movement or thing. Simple thoughtful things too turn out to be equally appealing. This way you wont click a thing because it merely looks good or that you have a digital camera at hand. :) Be aware of what you see yourself and what you wanna show. !

P.S : I'm no expert, I'm still learning :)