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10 November 2011

An Exhibition :/


Opening of the 'The speaking frames' a photography exhibition by 16 budding photographers (including Me). After much difference I was finally in it and today was the 1st day of the 5 day exhibition.

I had a very nice experience  receiving appreciation from unknown people on my photographic work. People coming to talk, stopping by your work and appreciating is such a great feeling.
I always used to think that I am least visible in a crowd and that people do not remember my name or face in usual.
But I was wrong !

A girl with her friend met me telling me that they remember me from Orkut days in a community called 'Bhubaneswar Naturalist'. I was like..'really'. She said she remembers me through the conversations and all and was waiting in the exhibition to talk to me. It was really pleasing to me. :)
That was very sweet of them to come across me and appreciate my work. :)  I was super glad they remember me from a virtual group that too after 2-3 years. ^_^

Then were many more people, students, professionals, common viewers who liked my work and as a whole were very happy about the exhibition. :)  The crowd was huge and the anticipation was amazingly seen. Everybody there looked happy, from the participants to the spectators.

Looking forward for more :)


There comes an end to the exhibition. Some disappointments, differences with other folks, some great friends and loads to learn. :) It taught me various dimensions a person, a viewer can think about a photograph and how the photographer deals with his/her perspective of the photo. Sometimes it just seems so complex. I understood that, folks were most interested for human emotions and less for bugs and butterflies. Colors and Black & White equally attracted them but too much of continuous B&W portrayal bored them.

I got terribly sick in between and also missed a great deal of the exhibition because of office hours. Still whatever time I spend with the people it was full of learnings. :) Met many seniors members of the field and they have as always been a great source of inspiration. At the end day, I got to know that two of my photos have been on probable sale. I was very happy, as earlier I though I was a waste :P
Again with the sale dealings, things for fussy for nothing and finally direct deals helped me :)
P.S I hate somebody binding me into some rules and regulations for nothing :P

A good exhibition !!!

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