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26 January 2012

Republic Day

HappY RepubiC daY :)

The March Past
As thought with my camera and in high spirits I was at the parade ground at Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bhubaneswar. Here every year the Republic Day and Independence Day parade is done with much pomp and show with flag hosting by the CM or the Governor of the State followed by function formalities, march past and all. The mood and the feeling of these days would never go from the heart. The feeling of being in a freed country, the memory of the brave men who gave us freedom and the feeling of being a part of this great country would never ever fade away. To make the feeling sink in more, I always go and watch the parade. :) It feels great watching it. From school kids to middle school to paramilitary forces, everyone in uniform, everyone with determination and strong will power to perform their best.

Today too, driving in the foggy and chilly morning, I came for the parade. On my way, I stopped to buy an Indian flag badge (as always) and pinned to my chest :) Kids and parents lined up to buy flags too. While driving I tried remembering the Patriotic Songs we used to sing in school. I remembered the song 'Aye watan Aye watan... humko teri kasam. Teri rahon mein hain jaan tak luta jayenge ... ' 

Accompanying my Canon SX10 IS, I had reached much early to catch some before parade candid shots.
The foggy ground
This time I was alone and no other photographer was in view, unlike last time where I felt there were more photographers roaming than the paraders. Good I guess. May be this time whoever came was near the place where flag hosting was done. I observed people, I roamed around casually, I smiled at them. At some place made them conscious and sometimes they made me conscious :P The roads were all foggy even till 8.15 am. The time came when the parade was to be started. There was tension among the jawans and cadets to perform their best. The last minute touch up in their uniforms and making stern faces. 
Last minute preparation
Police people got strict with the viewers and made them go outside the main track. I hadn't planned to stay in the crowd this time. I stayed towards the end of the parade set and watched them go one by one towards the main stand where they had to perform.

Watching them brings back my own goody goody feelings, when I used to be IN the parade. Wearing my best, pressed blue NCC AIR WING uniform. Pride in my heart, chest out, beret on my head, shining shoes and straight spine. It was some feeling I tell you. As if the whole world is watching you and would judge with the slightest moment made. 3 years, 6 times I have marched on this road, in uniform. Then the time comes when you have to perform in front of the chief guest. Showing the best of you with the other participants. The most difficult task was to maintain the uniformity among the other girls in the same flight. And the correct way was to hear the drum beats. After the college days got finished, I continued to come to the ground with the same feeling to capture the moment in my little camera. Completely this would be the 8th year I would be coming to the parade ground both for Independence parade and Republic Day parade :)

Of-course one can not forget these days while in school. Wearing the whitest of white uniform, me sometimes in Guide uniform. Watching and listening the programs performed at school. Speeches, some kids fancily dressed as freedom fighters and then we waiting for the tiffin packets and boondi (best part :D). Then we would walk towards our home gossiping all in the way. :) 

Coming back to today. I stayed till the last platoon was gone from my sight. There were three school boys by my left side who were very excited for the marches. They had superb expressions to be captured. Excitement, amazement and innocence. In the last, after fire station tableau, there were some performers dressed in folk dresses, Sambalpuri costumes and two in costumes of Durga Maa and Mahisasura. I had never watched such performers before. They looked beautiful and with very high spirits to make their audience dance in their tunes.

Durga Maa
The folk dances

I had few of their photos. While they crossed, two of the boys on my left side made a namaskar gesture watching the Durga Maa's idol. I was touched by their innocence. I bet even we adults would not have done this. But they did! On the whole trip today I was not very pleased as I had not got any good shots but they made my day fruitful one. I was in some kind of inner peace after watching them. On the whole way I drove back smiling. :)

Shot of the Day :)


Some earlier days picture ... :)

Celebrating Freedom

The R&V squadron

The guns at rest

Kids waiting for the parade to start
The song I was remembering of:

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  1. One of your most beautiful writing's and description buddy , it was very much lively and beautifully written . Your Past experience , you present all described neatly .

    Reading your blog , I felt that now I'm guilty of not going to the parade this year ( because of office :/ whatever )

    Keep up the good stuffs coming buddy :)

    I really Really loved this one :)