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17 March 2012

A new camera !!

Started with sisters Sony P-200, insisted and bought Nokia 5600 to photograph while I traveled, and then came the Canon SX 10 IS. 4 years went in all these photography journey and every equipment has got its special place for me. All these cameras have produced photographs preserving my memories and bringing out the best photographer in me. I value each of them very dearly. The latest one i.e. Canon had started giving me pixelated images and with a new serious genre of photography of Birds I now had to Update myself with a new camera. After much perseverance and proving myself to the world, I thought I deserved a DSLR and choose Nikon D5100 for me with the kit lens and an extra 55-300 lens. So Mr. Nikon is the latest gadget and hopefully we both will brings out the best from each other :) Another good thing happened with me getting a new camera. My nephew got the Canon to nourish his photography skills :)



  1. Best of luck with ur new cam :-)
    hope u keep on doing clicking the way u do , which is the best :-)

  2. I cant think of a person deserving a DSLR more than you.
    I have followed your photographs, and I keep telling myself and everyone else - " I know this girl, and she is a good photographer. Check out her photographs for yourself. "
    Am proud as well :)
    Good luck dear :)