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4 June 2012

Weaver's village

B'ful Gulmohar trees in the city
After a few trips in various Weaver’s villages in Orissa, my next destination was ‘Badabag’ village in Jagatsinghpur. Rented a cab and pinx and me were off to yet another beautiful village of Odisha (India)

8.15 am: Started from Bhubaneswar
9.00 am: Cuttack
9.40 am: Karkatpur

I love villages; it brings back many good memories to me. The good smelling earth, the fresh air, open fields and sleeping in the open. There is something superb about food being cooked on the chulah (open mud stove) hmmm :)

10.25 am: Reached Jagatsinghpur (Badabag Village)

Beautiful old style wood engravings
Nasty roads on the way
Talking, sleeping and partially enjoying the view outside the window we reached the village. We were here majorly because of my sister’s work and then a little for me to photograph that I was very eager of. There was an old weavers society established that we had to visit. One old man welcomed us and we got seated. She discussed and saw fabrics what was related to her Textile work. I observed and clicked few snaps. The place seemed dark kind of with old traditional style of almirah’s and door carvings. 

The textiles are all of very beautiful colors. See! Aren't they! These are such beautiful and pretty colors from earthen to bright fabrics. I choose few for my craft work and few to make my Dupatta ;) (She bought a good amount of all of those)
Few Sarees in Basic colors
The beautiful wall paintings done by powdered rice water
11.20 am: It was getting sunnier and we went out to roam the village. It now had cement roads, some semi cement-brick homes, some completely cement homes. Few were mud ones and few mud and bricks. After the super cyclone the villagers have very strictly made their homes from cement to be safe. Good step indeed. But then the traditions aren’t lost. Same small pathways, greenery, ponds in between, kids playing in the open, women and men together working, cows and calves tied around, and one scene I always see in a village and that is parakeets in a cages. :/

Sis talked to the villagers and we visited few weavers home. There were looms set inside their homes or else in their front yard where there is sufficient light to work. Visiting, meeting, talking of work went on. In between the kids all followed and played around us in addition to getting photographed. :D We enjoyed with them too :)

In a weavers home the man and the women equally contribute to this beautiful worked textile. In fact generation by generation it’s inherited and transferred and families help in their work and business flow. There are lots of tasks involved like dyeing the material, drying, arranging the wraps and wefts and weaving…quite difficult for one man to handle! 

My sister Pankaja with the weavers
The rest of the tour continued with the scenic views and interacting with the village people and the surrounding nature. Villages are beautiful and sustainable in their own. There is nothing like people are poor here or not happy. They just have a different way of living and happy in their own way. But yes there are necessities like schooling and medical aids that might be difficult to seek.  

12.30pm: After an hour we backed to the office. They were all into conversation while the fabrics we selected were packed to be taken home and so we started our journey back.

It rained on our way back and the weather got very pleasing and comforting.
By 1.00 pm we were home (Bhubaneswar)

Few snapshots of the journey:

Colored Yarn
The Hand-loom
The ready to use dyed threads
The beautiful saree
The half spun stole- I particularly loved this one


Me !




    1. Thankyou for the appreciation :) u can follow me for more photos and stories :)

  2. I have always admired the beauty and the intricacies of the works created by the weavers. The images are stunning and I liked the way you narrated the experience.. Pleasant read and wonderful images, I must say.

    1. Thankyou Akshay :)

      I love traveling and I hope to keep writing more of my experiences. You can follow me for more stories and photographs.

  3. Lovely Description supported by lovely pictures .. very good indeed :)

    Suggestion wise ( as a matter of my opinion only :D )
    don't mention the exact time ( mention something like morning around 8 we started off , it took 2hrs to reach kakatpur from where i started the rest .... )
    i feel ki if we mention the exact time , it feels kinda unromantic with the journey , where the traveler is in track of recording the time nd place . let it b casual way :) .
    " It rained on the way back .......... "
    ismein kuch aur descriptive /romantic/ sweet thing bhi add kar sakti thi re like
    The beautiful memories from this trip was concluded with a sweet aroma of the ground and falling rain drops ..
    nevertheless very good writing with even more good photos :)

    P.S :- don't take my suggestions harshly :D

    1. We all have different ways or writing and interpretation. :)

      thank you for reading and appreciating and analysing. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thankyou So so much for taking out your time and liking the blog content. :)

  5. These are stunning photos, and I am so impressed by the wall paintings done with powdered rice water. Amazing!

    1. Thank you so much Megan for the appreciation. :)