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7 December 2012

A day in the streets :)

A day in the streets for a photo walk: We met few children who were helping an elderly person set up their bamboo craft shop. The moment they saw us with camera, they were shying away, running but also were seeking our attention. They were sweet and beautiful and had fun with us :)

Let the pictures talk the rest here. All the pictures are not good in terms of photographic ethics but still the moment was more important here than the picture details.

Let the smiles of children capture you and not the out of focus or alignments.

Spreading smiles :) Enjoy!


I didn't post these pictures in my Facebook page, because I know majority of people would point of the defects than appreciate their innocence.

Love to the blog readers <3 p="p">Tanuja :)


  1. Nice captures... Monochromatic effect making them more appealing and expressive..

    But I can only suggest that, never post more than one photos having a common angle or common subject (like 1st and 2nd, 6th and 7th photo). It leaves an negative impression on the viewer. SO IT IS BETTER TO CHOSE THE BEST ONE AND TO POST IT.

  2. Beautiful photos :) , I'm happy they are not cautious about the camera and not staring blank at the cam as I often see in many other photos pictures . Kudos to you , keep clicking :) .

  3. Tanuja, you are genius yaar...I wish I could click pictures like this. thanks for telling me about this blog. I used to check your other blog and i thought you must be too busy to post...Anyway, I am following this one as well...Thanks a lot for all the support..And how are you?

  4. It's really nice to read your blog......apart from that your pictures are really nice
    and please keep writing :)

  5. Wow!!Amazing them!!You are really talented!!
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  6. AWESOME! Such a freaking awesome photographer you are Tanuja. Hats off. Gift us more and more fabulous shots :)
    Have an awesome year ahead !

    Bong's Belleza

  7. innocence captured :)

  8. Tanuja madam

    Namaste. Happy Diwali wishes to you, to your family members and friends.

    Tanuja madam good capture of photos. They are really amazing and awesome.

    Tanuja madam why do'nt to send these photos to some international photo exhibitions etc. because they innocent people photos you captured convey a deep meaning and sharing about the life of rural and poor indian people and i hope if you submit these photos to the prestigious exhibitions then you definitely get prize for the same.

    Tanuja madam best wishes for your photography skills and i wish you to take many more photographs which give pleasure and name also to you.

    Tanuja madam in the future please take photos of several heritage places of orissa also and inform whenever you take photos of the same because i love indian heritage and culture.

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